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    1. Address:1-4 floor, Phoenix Palace building, Xinfu District, Fushun
      Site of a factory: No. 5, Fushun Road, Dongzhou District

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      Company profile
          Liaoning Dongke New Material Co., Ltd. is a paraffin wax production, sales, transportation in one of the processing enterprises. The factory covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, the registered capital is CNY six million. Company is located in Fushun city has good reputation for wax, with a beautiful environment, convenient transportation.
          Our products are widely used in chemical industry, such as cle , rubber, plate, explosive so on.  Relying on China Petroleum Fushun petrochemical resources, the annual production sales of more than 5 thous tons of paraffin wax. Company adhering to the "innovative services, integrity pragmatic" management philosophy, the customers of company are all over China, while relying on the quality of the products are exported to the international market, the annual export volume of up to two thous tons. The company has good reputation strength to win customer satisfaction.
          All my colleagues with enthusiastic positive attitude in DONGKE company serve all the customers.

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