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    1. Address:1-4 floor, Phoenix Palace building, Xinfu District, Fushun
      Site of a factory: No. 5, Fushun Road, Dongzhou District

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      Contact us

      Fushun East Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Address: Liaoning province Fushun City High-tech Industrial Park
      The sale of poly carboxylic acid water reducer:
      Domestic telephone: 024-56531111 57676333
      Foreign trade telephone: 024-57759999
      Fax: 024-57671055
      Zip code: 113006

      Qingdao office address: Wuyi Road Qingdao economic Technological Development Zone No. 161
      Carbonate solvent sales:
      Qingdao Office Tel: 0532-86877797
      Qingdao Office Fax: 0532-68975577
      Beijing office address: Chaoyang District, Beijing, East Third Ring Road, building 13, building 39, building 23, room 2703, room
      Beijing Office Tel: 010-58695969


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